Welcome to the Hedgerow!

We are a tiny family flower farm & design collaborative in Hartland, VT that specializes in wild and fresh bouquets, arrangements, & modern posies.

A HEDGEROW is a living boundary, where elements of both the Wild & the Cultivated worlds live together harmoniously.

Much like a Hedgerow, an arrangement of flowers can also be a place of harmony and dialogue between the Wild and the Cultivated.

To honor that harmony, we firmly believe that a floral piece should never look cut & extracted from its natural home.

It should be a complete and honest moment of nature, captured for all to enjoy.



Starting November 18th, we will be taking Pre-Orders

for Delivery from Monday Nov. 28th to Friday Dec. 9th.


Prices Starting at $35 for a Grapevine base Wreath, $42 for an Evergreen Base

For images of our Wreaths, please click on the Winter Wreaths link above!


Questions or to Order:


607 287 8389