About Hedgerow Flowers…

First off, we are a truly TINY, local flower farm and design collaborative in Hartland, VT that specializes in Bouquets, Arrangements, and Modern Posies that live somewhere on the border between Garden and Wild

Our Flower Bouquets and Arrangements are grown or foraged entirely in Hartland by us, on our own properties (our evergreen Winter wreath bases and winterberry are the only thing we source regionally–our own plants and trees are big enough yet!). No pesticides are ever used—we farm utilizing Organic and Permaculture principles. We also do not use chemical flower foods–if we condition, it will be with something that is totally non-toxic/edible! We use up-cycled mason/ball jars, vintage containers, or our own handmade bud vases.

Our arrangements seek to evoke a love and appreciation for our land, our region, and our crazy (!) Vermont seasons. Diamonds are Forever, but Flowers are (sadly) not…they are a Fleeting Beauty meant to be cherished intensely in the moment and then remembered fondly ever after! To that end, we should finally add that we will have what we have, when Mother Nature allows it… and for that reason our offerings will be different from year to year, season to season and even week to week! Kind of exciting, no??

Our flowers are honest, and look forward to gracing

Your Table,

Your Office,

Your Gatheringswherever!

For more information, please feel free to contact us at hedgerowflowersvt@gmail.com